My name is Lara Natalia and I grew up in a Romansch community in the middle of the Swiss Alps. Because of my urge to discover life and to touch everything unknown, I left the hidden green valley early on. 

By the age of twenty-one, I started working independently as a designer from all over the world. This way of working allowed me to keep on exploring other cultures and ways of living, learning about all kinds of issues and the complexity as well as the global interplay behind worldwide challenges.

In 2018, I finished my studies in Interaction Design where I put a strong focus on field research and human-centered-design approaches. I strongly believe that design has the potential to find innovative solutions and new ways on how to deal with our realities. More creative and practical ways in all areas of life are needed and I’m convinced that design allows us to do so. 

Having a background in the field of design definitely enables me to think outside the box: To break things apart and put them together in a new meaningful way. It also allows me to approach problems strategically, practically and as unbiased as possible. Creative work is not only here to teach and entertain but to make people think, empathize and reflect.

If you're interested in a collaboration or learning more about human-centered-design approaches, design methodology, design research or service design, please don't hesitate to get in touch. 


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